Friday, January 23, 2009

I have a new word for all you Cricut and SCAL lovers...It apparently sounds like either a sneeze or a bad word, but in writing it's not so bad! It's Scherenschnitte! *Bless me!*

I happened across this word on my favorite newsgroup, cricutcutter, where someone posted screenshots of the newest Cricut carts that are coming out after CHA. On the description of A Child's Year, which is silhouettes (my favorite subject since getting SCAL), they mention Scherenschnitte.

Cutting with scissors is the (loose) German translation, and I immediately did a Google on it for images and WOW did I hit the jackpot. I came across so many images that can be adapted for the Cricut with Inkscape & SCAL!!! It's why I haven't posted recently! I've had my poor machine smoking, it's working so hard!

The details of these images are amazing, but the entire time I kept thinking...Do you folks know about the Cricut??? I can't imagine cutting these highly detailed images with scissors OR a craft knife! Even with simplification, a couple of these images took actual HOURS to cut out! But this will open up a whole new world to you Cricut Fanatics!