Monday, March 2, 2009

Asian/Celtic Motif for DESIGN STUDIO!!!

I had a question asking if my earlier asian motif svg was usable in Design Studio. I haven't designed anything since my Christmas card (seen in a previous post) with DS and got the urge to try, since I thought it wouldn't be too hard. Most of the design could be done with rectangles, after all. The curved sections are a little more tricky, though. I never did find a good curved shape to use on the cartridges that I own. I imagine there's a comma or a parentheses that might work on SOME cart but I have no idea.

I did come up with a solution, however. It's a little odd...but what did you expect? It's another Crazy Cricut Cut, after all! :D You'll see what I mean when you look at the file. It was the simplest way to accomplish what I wanted to do, though! I never did know how to think inside the box! My solution ended up preventing me from redoing the stencil type pattern, though, so it's just the solid pattern that's included.

So here I'm offering the .cut version of my asian/celtic motif! Click here to get it! Thanks for looking and happy cutting! Oh, btw, I DID test cut this one!


Sue said...

Thanks for the file. I haven't tried it yet. What cartridge(s) do I need for this file?


Sue said...

Thank you for the file. Can you tell me what cartridge(s) I need for it?

Gemini Twins said...

Thanks for sharing your Asian/Celtic motif with us.

Karma said...

Sorry, ompletely spaced out and forgot to mention it was designed with George. I was so focused on making sure I mentioned it was baby bug compatible that I forgot to list the cart. In my most recent post I let you know how to check what cart is used in Design Studio. HTH. :)

cal8007 said...

Thank you for the file. I can use this on my Cricut to cut cards.