Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Martha Easter Silhouette PDF's

Martha had a show where she used Easter/farm templates (available here on her site) to cut fabric silhouettes, adhered to mat board, to make 3-d candy holders, etc. Cute project...a few rabbits and some chicks. Of course, we can use our Cricut to do all the dirty work!

She used mat board, but you can cut multiple identical silhouettes from heavy-weight paper and glue several together to make them sturdy - and doable on the Cricut! Paper has a grain, so alternate the direction you cut the template layers out for additional strength and no warping.

Martha also used double stick sheets between the matboard and the fabric. We can use our Wonder Under to make it even easier to adhere the fabric to the paper. I believe that's a cheaper route!

The cutest part of the project was the shredding scissors she had to make the "grass" with. Such an original way of using them! But who needs steenking scissors with a Cricut, anyway?? :D

BONUS Martha Easter Project: Click here to see another project from her site. This one uses either punchouts from her company (or Cricut versions!) or templates available in PDF format from that page, adhered to blown out dyed eggs as an Easter decoration. Easily importable into Inkscape for SCAL purposes! Enlargable, too. VERY cute templates, bunnies and such, far cuter than the first one, I think! I believe this project is featured in her magazine.

Another beautiful (non Cricut) Easter craft on her show today was to tie squares of printed silk around raw eggs, and boil for 10-20 mins. When you remove the silk, the print has transferred to the egg! GORGEOUS and must be seen to be truly appreciated.

Happy cutting!