Tuesday, November 17, 2009

M&Ms, or Martha S and Michael's

I live in Florida, which means that we don't get ANYTHING new until the rest of the country has had it for several months! So I may be somewhat behind the times on the many new items Martha has at Michaels. If you already know about them, skip this post! But, judging from either M's website, they must be VERY new, because I couldn't find some of the items I'm discussing in this post. DISCLAIMER: I don't have any relation to either M! I don't receive anything from them, either. I just love buying her stuff with 40-50% off coupons! ;)

I was very excited to see some of the new ideas Martha Stewart's craft design team has come up with! There are so many new punches, first off! I just found this one on eBay, not sure if M's carries it but isn't it awesome?? Some of the butterflies wings pop cute!

I know most folks have seen the punch sets she has out with matching edge and corner punches. Punch around the page, I believe they're called. You can see the set I broke down and purchased here. (Although I used my 50% off coupon @ M's, and it was far cheaper!) I've seen those sets at Walmart, too, but Michaels seems to have a bigger selection, a couple of different snowflake designs for Christmas, for instance. Definitely a larger selection, at least at mine. I particularly liked Snowfall and it may yet end up in my craft room! (Yes, I'm aware the Cricut can do the same thing but sometimes a punch is just faster and easier!)

There are some even newer ones out from MS that cut far deeper into the page and much larger than regular edge punches, too. They'd be great for 12" layouts! Here's one off Ebay that cuts a decorative doily strip, which is rather a new idea. Here's another type from eBay. And yet another. This one is my favorite, so far, though!

And some smaller punches now have matching stamps that nest on top of the punch. I got the snowflake punch. You stamp and/or emboss the image, then flip the punch around and punch it out perfectly every time. I thought it would have a small border around it but it doesn' cuts it pretty close to the edge of the design, at least on the one I have. You can see a couple of different ones here. I also saw a cupcake set that has three different stamps with it so you can make different kinds of cupcakes.

Another new item they're carrying are these beautiful glitters! I know everyone's seen the ones she's had out for some time now, but now she has about five new types! There are vintage-y tinsel glitters, in a few different types AND shapes, and many colors of hole-less (or are they un-holey??) micro-beads that I love to use with my polymer clay. The iridescent glitters are gorgeous, too.

There are also some new kits out from MS, and these are much more elegant and less childish than many of her previous pipe-cleaner and balloon type kits. One is a cool stamping/embossing set, it caught my eye because it has a small bonsai tree in it that matches a card set I got at Big Lots on sale for $2 a few weeks back. It's still at Michael's, but not for long when I get my next coupon! There's also a foiling kit, which I havent seen in ages! What ever happened to foiling stuff? Sorry there's no links, but I guess they're so new that I can't find any!

There's much more there, and if I know my readers, if you haven't seen it yet you will soon! Especially with Christmas coming! Now, either go shopping, or go cut something! ;)


Carol's Crafts said...

Thanks for showing me all the new MS punches. I hadn't seen any of them yet. Well, I'm off to find some.

Anonymous said...

You can't go wrong with Martha! I live in Maine and we are always way behind on the trends too, thank goodness for the internet!
BTW I left a responcse on my blog about the letter pressing question you had;)