Monday, January 5, 2009

Hi, my online name is Karma. I'm a computer teacher and I live in eastern central Florida. I've had a Cricut for a little more than a year now and since joining a couple of Yahoo newsgroups have really learned a lot about the software and capabilities of this fabulous machine. From being able to create your own embossing folders to etching glass, there seem to be so many possibilities ahead! I've only begun to scratch the surface myself, but I have a couple of tips and tricks I haven't seen elsewhere that I thought I'd share.

I have Design Studio and now Sure Cuts a Lot (SCAL), and in learning how to use these software programs in such depth, I can't imagine using my Cricut without either! Design Studio has so many features, with more coming all the time that enhance its abilities. SCAL (published by Craftedge) adds even more capability, allowing folks to use not only free fonts from the internet but dingbats and even photographs! I will be sharing some of my designs and ideas in the next couple of days. I will not be selling my designs (as of yet!) but I will have a Paypal link in case you find my designs useful and would like to contribute!

So I'm starting this blog to share what I've learned and to hopefully learn more! Please look around and add me to your favorites if you find my site informative! Thanks -K