Thursday, February 26, 2009

Asian/Celtic style Ornament

I'm finally sharing a design I can consider mine...although the original came from a mirror I used to own. I love Asian things and scraplifted the design years ago and made a faux etched design on my dining room in each corner. Eventually the faux stuff began to peel off, so I made a stencil and did a real etching on one corner later. I had a craft related accident last year and broke my beloved table...let's just say that it's not a good idea to iron on glass...:P

But the design lives on. Now that we have SCAL, this pattern can be used to etch all kinds of things! It can easily be resized...that's just awesome! Enjoy, and let me see what you end up making with it, if you do! It definitely works better as a stencil rather than using the cut out pieces, unless you have a lot of patience!

I put my web address in the svg file. You can either select it with the arrow tools in Inkscape and delete or just put that part off the side of the mat in SCAL. Here's what the cutout will look like. Download the file here. <-this is the revised (newest) edition!


michelle said...

I really like this ornament and envision using it for photo corners. Thank you for sharing!!

Vicki W said...

This is BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to get home and download the file...thank you so much for sharing your talents!!!