Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sierra's Wordbook Complete!

I don't know why there's all this space, but scroll down! Blogger doesn't seem to like me...

The completed book!

First page (click to see larger version)

I made the "holey" frames on the Cricut, from Inkscape to SCAL!

I had the opportunity tonight to look through some more pictures and I was told there is only one picture of Sierra where she's not crying and trying to get away from the Easter Bunny (or Santa!). So cute, even when she's screaming!

I also made these eyelet type frames...hard to see in the small photo.

Love the way the photos peek through the other letters. I love the wordbook concept!

Hard to pick which is my favorite page...probably these last two. Just love that bunny ear picture!

I really had thought I'd do more to it but they loved it as it is and so I took a few shots of it at the new owners house. I sure wish I could get my comments fixed! I'd love some input...Oh and I didn't get to show the closure we came up with. I tied a pretty pink ribbon to the lower loop of the S (first page) and made a bow with long tails. Then the tail meets in the back, where you tie a bow to keep the book closed. I'll post a pic if I see it again and have my camera handy!