Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Crazy Cricut Technique!

Here's a few photos of my latest Cricut crazy idea! I had been thinking of doing these for a few days and on one of my newgroups, suddenly a person mentioned making stained glass lampshades! My jaw almost fell off, hehe.

But my idea is a bit different. After doing these, now I'm thinking of doing the cutout with black vinyl, layering it on clear acrylic plastic (cut on the Cricut of course!) and then using alcohol inks on the back to color it in!

The possibilities of this machine continue to amaze... Just another view.

Here's my lampshade lit up. By the way, a word about safety if you try something like this. I took these photos with the lampshade resting on top of a smaller lampshade that came with that little candlestick light. I would worry about fire unless you use a cool to the touch lightbulb! I tried a battery operated candle but it just wasn't bright enough. But if you make a cover for an existing shade, I don't see a problem if you're careful.

Then I got the bright about the cutout on the INSIDE. When the light is off, it looks like a plain white shade (I used a Bazill type paper), but when the light comes on...! I can see this lamp with some black fringe added to the bottom edge...

But I decided I liked the cutout on the outside of the shade. So I glued it down (in the photos above it's just sitting on top)...

And then, I got out my pastel chalks...:) I did it right thru the cutout.

Sorry, I got the image for this lampshade from the internet. It is not my property to share, so I can't! But, you can easily find your own and adapt it with Inkscape and import it to SCAL. I simply searched for dragonfly lampshade pattern. I have some other ideas in the works that will be based on free images but I have to test them before I offer any files!