Monday, February 16, 2009

Smaller Word Book for Sierra

Here's the completed smaller book. I chose to close this one with a ribbon. It ties to the A and wraps around behind the book, across the front and ties in a bow. But that wasn't quite good enough!

Page one

Such a photogenic child!

There's the photo she actually smiled in with the Easter Bunny.

Nothing like a baby's laugh.

The pictures didn't come out that well. I was trying to show my SCAL cut borders that I custom made for this album. I'll have a lesson about those pretty soon!

Made these lacy frames too. You should be able to click on any picture to see it larger!

Made this border too. Wait'll you hear what I used to make them! :D

Here's one with her Nana. She's the one who got the big book!

Another one with Nana. This photo frame is my favorite.

So since this one was smaller, I decided to give a bonus back page, too! I used a punch for the pink frame.

But now I wasn't happy with just a ribbon closure. DH suggested that I make a box! So here it is. I shaped it to fit her book exactly! The circular border that encloses her name wasn't made on the Cricut. I used a technique where you cut a circle and use corner punches to go around the edges. Makes a darling border/frame!

Here's the book in its custom box. Ta Da!

Now I'm off to make another box for the first book. I don't want her Nana to be jealous!

Oh, before I go, I had some questions asked of me about my previous faux stained glass technique. Here's what I said:

I saw a dragonfly stained glass lamp and wondered if I could adapt it. I couldn't find the pattern I wanted but found the one I used quite easily.

I imported the pattern into Inkscape, traced it, polished it a bit and imported into SCAL. The original one didn't have as much detail in the wings but the lamp I had originally wanted had a lot so I added what you see in the photos.

I cut that one on black and then used a white Bazill type paper and cut a blackout version. Scored and folded and taped, and there ya are. Then I took some pearlescent chalks and colored it right through the outline. I guess you could cover it with some kind of sealer but it wouldn't really be cleanable!

In the photos in the previous article it's pictured just resting on another lampshade and if you make it right you wouldn't even be able to tell and also that would remove and chance of fire! :O) There are many types of standard light fixtures that would adapt to this technique!

Originally I should've mentioned that cutting it on a 12" mat the lampshade measures about 4" tall and 8" wide. If you wanted it bigger you could cut separate panels and tape 'em together. I would say you could make your own if you have a suitable lampshade.