Sunday, April 26, 2009

My latest Sierra Word book

This is my third word book featuring Sierra's name! Happy customers, what can I say? This one is for Sierra's mom for mothers day, from her mom and grandmother. So here's a few pics, this one is right after I cut it. TIP: I've learned from my other ones not to glue everything down til you know where the flower holes go! Also, I like to have pictures peeking out from the holes in the A's and R's, and it's good not to glue everything down till you figure whether you want to mount the picture in the opening or on the page beneath. I had a lot of pictures so I mounted almost everything in the openings. Here's the first picture, before I started doing the layouts.

Here's the long shot of the completed book. I used eyelets and ribbon for the binding. I also used a ribbon to bind it shut, attached with an eyelet midway down the letter A. The pink letters are cut from vinyl on the Cricut! I used Design Studio and George to make this book. I really like the George font! I think any of these pictures will open up to a bigger size if you click on them!

Closeup of the first page. I happened to have paper with Happy Mother's Day pre-printed! I used it several times, including on the box I made for the book, pictured later. I do love this baby picture of Sierra!

This is inside the first page. You can see in this case the baby pic of her laughing is attached to the page beneath, not the upper opening in the S. I made this the "baby" page. I love that little sticker on wire that spells out Baby! Whatever designs I have that I didn't make, I got at the dollar store or Big Lots!

This one is the inside of the back of the S. Had to throw a pic of mommy with Sierra in there!

This is the back of the I. Kept going with the baby theme. The right page is based on a few zoo stickers I had that went with a few pictures that fit the theme!

This is the back of the E page. I had a few beach pictures so there was another layout idea!

The facing page. Still going with the summer/beach theme.

Just a long shot of those two pages. I was trying to get some continuity's not easy when you don't have a scrapbooking background! I keep feeling like I'm making it up as I go along.....they seem happy though!

Back of the first R. Started a springy theme here.

In keeping with the spring feel, here's an Easter-ish page. The little bunny sticker really set it off. I like taking pics of these books, so I can make my own cutouts later with the Cricut. I have plenty of glitter and paper!

More of the springy themed pics. The colors fit and it was such a cute picture!

The last real page in the book. I loved this pic of Sierra with her grandmother and thought it a nice finish to the book. Used one of my punches to get the oval for the Happy Mother's day decoration. Used an adorable little glassine envelope I found in my girlie stash that has a tag that says Girl in epoxy letters on it. I think Sierra herself will get to play with this book and I know she'll like that touch!

Last, but not least, I decided to put a few pics on the back. I had this paper that looked like cakes and cupcakes and found some adorable epoxy stickers that say Cute as a cupcake and a couple of other sayings. Made a nice finish to the book. I even put a pic in the opening in the A (both sides) before I glued the paper down - for once thinking ahead! I did not have a daughter, so I had fun making these books as girlie as possible!

So to protect my hard work, another box was in order! THIS time I finally got smart and used DS to do ALL the work...including scoring the fold lines! I love DS and it's multiple pages that allow you to work on one page and see what's on another. I used the A outline page (the largest one) to create the shape of the box (a rectangle and a skinny triangle), giving it a little space around the edges and using more rectangles to add borders for the sides of the box. Then I used a tip I read about on one of my Yahoo groups to make the score lines. I used DS to add extremely skinny rectangles in the right places on a new mat page, then turned the cutting blade in my Cricut upside down and had it trace the lines a few times. Scored perfectly!!! No fuss. Great tip!

I used my oval punch again for the Mother's Day embellishment and covered up a mistake with a different punch and Sierra's mothers name cut on the Cricut with SCAL. The dark pink is the same vinyl I used on the letters of the book and the lighter pink lettering is a Bazill type paper. I did it and the shadow in Inkscape and then imported it and voila! I love being able to use BOTH programs, DS & SCAL!

I used a pretty pink iridescent wrapping paper to cover the box (it and the whole book were made from 140 lb cold press watercolor paper) and it was all hot glued together. There are some cute teddy bear ribbons I got at Michaels that were only a dollar a roll and SOOO cute. They had baby bottles, rattles and bottles, baby carriages and some other kinds, too. I used the teddy bears/hearts for a really cute border around the sides of the box.

I hope you liked this look at another word book! I think they are getting better as I've gone along. I have another one to work on, this one's for a boy! Better get to it...happy cutting! -K