Monday, May 4, 2009

Dominic - A new wordbook

Here's the new book I've been working on. I used DS to create it, with George and Storybook. It doesn't have anything in it, yet! I'm actually posting this so the folks who commissioned it can see what it looks like so far. I used Ranger Alcohol Inks polished stone technique for the letters. They're really beautiful in person, with a lot of depth. They really remind you of tigers eye or something similar! I used actual shiny cardstock like you're supposed to (instead of glossy photo paper), and did the technique BEFORE cutting them out. Probably wasted a lot of ink that way, but oh well!
The photo above makes the paper behind the N look blue, but it's really drab green. Most of the papers I used look like weathered wood or old paper. Not sure I like that distressed look, but who am I to say? I know it's popular right now! :) I am using papers I got in a pad @ Wally world called Best Occasions. It has a lot of frames and letters and other punch outs in the pack that will match. The pic below was taken with my flash off, to try to show the lettering better, since the shine off them was a bit much!

One more shot. It's not like I think the book is that great, I'm just trying to show all the pages! I ended up punching holes and using grommets in them and making my own brass loops to bind the pages together. Looks kind of macho, right? :) Click on any pic to make them bigger, btw.

The back of the D. I didn't include the front because you can see it above pretty clearly!

Front of the O. The paper is a bit darker than it appears here. Neither the O or the D are glued down, in case I want to include a photo in the openings later.

Back of the O. Used paper that matched the M, since I cut the D, the O and the M with the same sheet. I thought it matched better.

But as I said, I'm not all that fond of the distressed paper that looks like an old worksheet or something...It's a style, I guess. Just not mine! But I didn't mind too much because it's supposed to be a less feminine page, anyway! Below is a shot of the two pages together.

Back of the M. More distressed paper. Couldn't I use trash of my own to make something similar??? :P

The I below is more of a white washed, weathered, distressed wood look. I didn't do a thing to it!

Long shot of the two pages together. I guess having these pages catelogued naked, as it were, will be a nice comparison for when it's completed.

Back of the I, just plain ol' ugly paper. Hehe.

Long shot of the I and N.

The N took up a whole 12" square sheet of scrapbook paper, covering front and back, as did the I and C.

The I is a lot greener in person. Like an olive green. Not that you could tell here! Sheesh.

Long shot of the back of the N and the I.

Back of the I with the off drab olive again.

Last page...looking a lot greener than the previous one!

The last two pages measure nearly 2 feet across when the book is open; the C is about 11" and the I somewhat smaller. It's about 5.5" tall.

I even covered the back of the C. Not sure if I'll put pics on it or not. I guess I should be working on another box, too!

Th-th-th-th-th-that's all, folks! I may post the .cut file if I have any requests, although I'll have to clean it up a bit!
You'll see more of this book when it's completed, I'm sure! TFL!