Saturday, June 13, 2009

Father's Day Card Ideas from MS and DS Updated!

I got some Father's Day card ideas from a Martha Stewart Living email today. Some were so cute and could be adapted for the Cricut easily. A couple woudn't even need to be cut with the machine, like the cuff. Some were rather difficult to follow along with as far as the folds go, but maybe it's just late! But if you're looking for some ideas, click here! I especially liked the spinning card and the cuff card..really simple for a kid, and especially if you're giving cufflinks as a gift this year! There was a variation of an origami dress shirt and tie technique and another shirt card made with fabric that was pretty cute!

On another note, in case you haven't heard, there's an update to Design Studio available! And I've heard it doesn't affect SCAL, whee! I didn't download the entire update but there's a new "font update" that just updates the carts which I did download and install. I'm so jazzed about being able to use LAB on DS! YAy! I haven't CHECKED that SCAL will still work, but I have a feeling it will. Your milage may vary! Off to play...Happy Cutting!