Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fathers Day Card - Thanks Carol!

I'm not afraid to admit that I visit my own blog everyday. Not that I think it's that great! I just appreciate the fact that I can get to all my favorite bloggers on my glob - I mean blog list on the bottom right. So when I visited it tonight, all I saw was "pop-up card" and the rest was a blur! I LOVE pop-up cards, especially when I can use the Cricut..although I didn't use it this time. I found the card here.

How could I resist trying this card? She - Carol@Extreme Cards - made it SO easy! All I had to do was print it, cut it out, and do a little creative gluing. (Or in my lazy case, taping, doublestick and regular.) I found some Ranger ink in a perfect color to match the boat, so I used the DTP tech to ink the edges of the vellum I used. I am quite happy with the way the card came out. I haven't even dug around in my bling - er, macho type embellishments yet. I dunno, maybe some eyelets in a dirty bronze? Or leave it alone? The BEST part of the card is the idea to use my DH's head on the little rower! Thanks so much, Carol, your card rocks!

I did make one change from the original card...from the word "marina" to "mansion". I thought it fit with the French castle in the background.

And yes, I didn't use my Cricut. I might've, but I know me. I get sidetracked and next thing ya know, I didn't get the card done in time. For you more adventurous and speedy Cricut owners, you can use methods found on YouTube or elsewhere on the net to help you learn how to make a printout and then cut it exactly with the Cricut! But there wasn't really much cutting involved on this card, and I think trying to figure out "print and cut" would've been more time consuming than just grabbing the craft knife and a self healing mat, like I did.

So here it is, and I am shocked that I have some time before actual Father's Day! I'm such a procrastinator usually that this is totally unlike me! I think I may add the Happy Father's Day from the WC cartridge, too... After that, all that's left is to make an envelope, and I have an Enveloper so that should be a piece of cake...once I find the time! Thanks for visiting!

Happy Cutting!

UPDATE! I did add a title with SCAL, as you can see in the background. I wanted a shadow and Wild Card didn't seem to do one, so I did what I should've done in the first place!

I like that DS copies and pastes in the same spot, it would've made it easier to make this title. But I like the fact that "shadow" is a dropdown selection in SCAL - in other words you can type in your text, arrange it with the nudge keys, copy & paste it and select Shadow in the drop down and wahlah, it matches your original text. ;) In DS you have to have the shadow button selected before you type it in, so it's a bit fiddly to get it to match your non shadowed text. Lazy people like me love copy/paste! I have gotten to where I do the shadow text first, it seems to work better that way. I used vinyl to make the card title, I had a nice blue and the white kind of echoed the edging on the vellum.

BTW, I mentioned earlier that I changed the text. I didn't know what font that was, so I just opened it in and copy/pasted the letters I needed to spell mansion. Luckily for me, all the letters that I needed for my change were already there. Okay, well, off to make the envie...TOLD you I was a procrastinator! -K


cpeep said...

Oh, hey, mansion's even funnier!

My dad's response was, "Them's not 'OARS, them's LADIES." Get it? Groan.

Extreme Cards and Papercrafting

Karma said...

OMG your dad's a riot! Thanks for the card and thanks for the laugh! Love your blog, btw!

cpeep said...

I wondered how you matched the font! I didn't save the text, so I wouldn't have been able to tell you.

Say, overnight my brain decided that while "mansion" is definitely funnier, "chateau" would be even better. Whatdya think?

I check my blog everyday, too. That's where all my blogs I follow are!

My dad has told the same jokes for so long, he doesn't even tell the joke. He just says part of the punch line and we all laugh because we know what joke he means.


Karma said...

The stamp site is under construction. I realize this post is kind of old, but is there any chance you could repost it on your own blog? I'm a clay addict and love collecting techniques!

Karma said...

That is NOT what I posted, geez. I posted that comment ages ago on another persons blog...Gmail seems to have blown up.

What *I* posted was: I think chateau is much better, too! But no C or H...It doesn't matter, he loved the card! I have a few pics of the Spirelli medallions I made to embellish the envelope for this card...I had to try to accent such a nice card!

I see where you got your wonderful sense of humor! Hope your dad had a nice Father's day! Thanks again!