Friday, September 11, 2009

Sorry and FYI about TRIAL DS

It's been a loooong time since I was able to sit down and write about my latest craft doings - although I've had quite a few projects going, some of which I'll write about below. But I wanted to post about this right NOW! I just ran across this info in another blog - a way to use the TRIAL version of Design Studio to cut with ANY of your carts...GASP!!! Read all about it HERE! This solves the problem of wanting to use DS on a second computer, among other things, hehe! If you're at all interested in this, I think I'd go get a jukebox now, if you don't have one already, because I'm pretty sure that future ones will not allow this!

I am still working with SCAL 1 and was wondering how other folks feel about v.2? Personally, I decided not to upgrade after trying a few versions of the new version. I prefer to do my work in Inkscape and find it easier, although it means opening another program to design in. I have far more control over tracing images, for example.

I'm also not crazy about the way Craftedge did this update. I wasn't happy that they hadn't told anyone they were working on a new version, first off. You know that many folks would've just waited for the new version instead of buying version 1...myself included. It's not good business to make your customers angry OR sell them an item that isn't FINISHED.

This new version of the program is not ready for prime time, as is obvious from the many bug fixes, and should have been beta tested instead of rolling it out as a paid for product. I had been considering being an affiliate but am having a problem supporting their actions. The program is wonderful, but I'm leaving well enough alone, for now. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, I always say! And I can use the $30 upgrade cost for other things - I have no problem using Inkscape, so why should I upgrade? Thoughts? Opinions? Is there something I'm missing?

I'll be back soon with some inspiration and info about my latest projects...quick rundown, I used vinyl and my Opposites Attract cart to cut my home address for both my house number and our expensive Husky garbage can (just replaced because someone stole our last one!). I won't be posting the results here because I don't want to post my address on the Internet, but I was very happy with how they came out!

I also made my bro in law a birthday card using one of Denise's gnomies cuts, and a Leo cutout that I framed for him.

I used iron on vinyl to make my husband uniform shirts for his work (collar t-shirts with their logo on the chest)....they came out so well that you can't tell them from his old shirts...except they aren't falling apart! :) I also made him a hat with the same logo ironed on...only .50 at Michaels for a plain hat! THAT project has taken more time than anything because I wanted to get it right. Once I post the results, you'll be amazed at how detailed a cut I was able to get from the E. At the moment, I'm working on a uniform work shirt for my own business. Vinyl is so much easier than screen printing! Looks better, too.

And I've been playing around with little mini gel pens from Target and the Expression...Big Lots has these gelly pencil holders for sale right now that work wonderfully for holding the pens in place. I loved the pens because they also turned out to be glitter gel pretty! AND I happened to hit a half off sale, I mean they were only .50 but I love a deal! Here's a shot of my first experiment with them, I used the fabulous Penny Duncan's owl because it is so detailed. You can see the glitter in the shot if you look hard enough! You can also see a couple of ink glops. Not sure how to prevent them from happening!

I've also been creating some of my own original .svgs to sell on here, eventually. And finally, I've been playing in my polymer clay quite a bit recently. My latest creations I'm calling Fauxpals! *leaves you hanging*

So that's the short (really? short?) version of my latest creations...more to follow soon! Thanks for your patience during my long absence! I'll be back much sooner, I promise!