Sunday, September 13, 2009

Thank you note Extrordinaire

You'd have to write a thank you (and give a gift, too!) if you ever got a thank you note like THIS one!!! This talented artist also has a link demonstrating how to create his paper Christmas ornaments...they're gorgeous, too! But I think I'd have to use a paper shredder to get my strips! Someone in the comments mentioned using plastic so they'd be weather proof...brilliant idea!

I loved this comment: "Somewhere out there the universe is laughing at the thought that I might possibly make something that looked remotely like this. I think mine would turn out more like a sheet of paper with a child-like version of a snowflake jutting out the side in a roundish mound of jailed and slightly scared confetti."

LOL! I'm pretty sure that if I intended to cut this out BY HAND it would look similar! Thank goodness for my E!!! :D

Another very cool concept (but not much Cricut usage involved, if any) was this paper reed idea. What a great way to recycle old magazines! I think I'd have to use a hot glue gun though. I have no patience! Someone on the site suggested that these reeds could also make paper beads (think long triangle strips, rolled so the point is outside) and also used for jewelry, curtains, room dividers and more...fantastic ideas.

Another breathtaking site (and all credit goes to Jeffery Rudell for finding the link!) is this one.

Oh, and one more project that I did recently (and a bit odd!) was making my DH inserts for his ball caps. He's got a ton of them and recently informed me that the cardboard insert is NOT garbage (how was I supposed to know???) and is there to keep the hats shape. So, I made a SCAL pattern from one that I HADN'T discarded, lucky him, and I'll share it here if anyone is interested! :D Just leave a comment or email me directly if you want a copy! Just what we needed - a new reason to save large cereal boxes! So maybe you learned something from this post? It must be a guy thing! Happy cutting!


Toni4Roses said...

Those are both nice crafts, the thank you note and the ornaments. It goes to show that sometimes there is more beauty and meaning in taking scraps and turning it into something, than what it meant before the transformation. I notice that the crafts look like they used a strip cut shredder, but I wander what you could make from scraps or shreds from a crosscut paper shredder? I have read on other sites of people using their shreds to turn it into paper hair for their paper dolls and using green paper shreds for grass.