Saturday, October 3, 2009

Halloween Silhouette ideas from Martha

Martha Stewart has the best templates! Fortunately for us lazy folks, we can use Inkscape with SCAL and the Cricut to trace PDFs and save ourselves some cutting! Especially if you are having a party and need more than one kind of decoration. Since we've spent the big bucks for the machine, why should we spend more buying pre made decorations??

One easy decoration involves rat and mice silhouettes. You can cut them directly out of black construction paper. Or use vinyl and put them outside, near the front door! Spooooky! Instead of the type of vinyl that is sold by Provocraft for the Cricut, I've also used the cling type vinyl sold in colors on my E. for outside. I found that it clings to the white vinyl on my fencing, as well as the white metal trim surrounding our pool, with no adhesives. I started to cut some designs from Life's a Beach but haven't had time to finish that particular project! I'll put some pictures up when I do. Anyway, it's probably a little more expensive than the Orocal vinyl, but it's not as hard to put up (no transfer tape required) and can be taken down and reused seasonally. I probably will make some Xmas decorations for my windows with it when the time comes!

Here's a great idea if you have a staircase, along with some bat templates. It would be cool to have lots dangling from the ceiling if you're having a party or doing a haunted house!

Here's a spooky tree for your window that you can adapt to use with the Cricut. You can custom fit the vinyl to your own windows. Or simply buy cheap large sheets of construction paper to cut from and tape them to the window. Since the Cricut can cut up to 1' x 2' long sheets, it's pretty simple to make something large and yet temporary.

There are several silhouettes on this page. They're used to create glitter skulls, witches, spiders, owls, etc. Enabler alert: I love a bargain and if you have a Big Lots near you, you may have noticed that they've been selling Martha Stewart glitter card kits for $2.00 each! I've bought at least one set of each type, because her glitter at Michael's is quite a lot more! I've got the butterflies, the birds, the trees and the frames, which is about 15 bottles of glitter! Probably a few more, too. The colors are gorgeous.

Walmart has been selling a lot of MS craft tools cheaply recently, too, as they've been remodeling all the ones near me...which is saying a lot, there are about 7 within 20 miles! I got some great deals on her screw-hole puncher and stamps. Her products are usually a little pricey but are very well made in most my opinion! Cricut carts and vinyl are also on sale at most locations!

Finally, here's a whole list of Halloween templates from her site. Check out the candle creatures, too! Happy Halloween, and happy cutting!