Saturday, October 10, 2009

NEW VIDEO/AUDIO/TEXT Chatroom for ScalHints Yahoo Group

Recently, with the permission of the group owner, Penny Duncan of the fantastic Penny Duncan Creations, I set up a new video/audio/text chatroom available to anyone who would like to learn about SCAL, or some of the techniques involved in transforming images to use for your Cricut Expression! The address is Please come and visit! There are still still a few bugs to work out, such as I haven't been able to get JTV's voice feature to work for the viewers! But they can see and hear the video, and we've had some fun!

You don't HAVE to have a webcam or microphone to join us, but it is certainly more fun! I've figured out how to have more than just ME or Penny onscreen, using Skype! Again, Skype is NOT required, UNLESS you'd like to show your videos on our channel. And even if neither Penny nor I are on broadcasting, you can still stay in the chatroom and text type to each other! Don't feel you have to leave if you don't see one of us on!

After everything is more settled, we are expecting Penny to be able to show us some live techniques and already you should be able to see some of her YouTube videos through our video chatroom! I also added one of my own, exclusive to JTV, showing some of my more intricate cuts that I'd rather not post on here. So please come visit! You'll have to sign up if you'd like to participate, but you can also just watch without signing in, if you'd like. It's a simple signup process, so come see!

As always, thanks for taking the time to read my posts and look around my blog! And happy cutting! :)