Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sorry for the long absence (again!)

I'm having computer problems. I think my hd is going and I'm still trying to back up all my Cricut stuff in between crashes!

Thanks for your patience! If you haven't explored this blog much (I gotta hurry before it crashes again!) look around and if you haven't already seen it, make sure you check out my original "stained glass" lampshades! Oh, and my VERY inexpensive faux acrylic technique(s) for making clear word books on the Cricut!

Thanks again and check back! I WILL fix this, darn it! :)

p.s. Let's see how far I get in this explanation before the crash...3...2...1...hehehe. Okay, I did have one idea I wanted to mention. I seem to follow up everything that Kay from Clever Someday (she's clever right now, don't let the title fool ya!) mentions on her blog, but I had another insight about a recent posting that she had about positioning a cut to cut around a pre-printed paper. I thought of a way to accomplish this after cutting. In between crashes!

There's a technique to make your own rub-ons by printing on the non-printable side of computer transparencies. The inked image can then be rubbed off onto another sheet of paper. That would be a great method to use to make a printed cutout AFTER its cut from the Cricut! I'm pretty sure there's some videos on the technique on Youtube! Let me know if you try it - I'd love to see the results! Happy cutting!


SusanE said...

Happy to have you back, I love looking at your BLOG!. Also thank you for listing my Blog, that was much appreciated!

Karma said...

My pleasure, Susan! Your blog is GREAT. I'm glad to know you like mine, that means a lot to me! Maybe we Susan's just have great taste! ;)