Friday, January 29, 2010

More About Storage

I've been thinking about the massive storage on GoogleDocs. Dan was kind enough to comment on my last post about this and informed me that they give you about a gig of space for your files. Very generous, and yet not enough for the amount of files we all collect for SCAL! Still, if you are a designer like Dan, this is a wonderful solution to host the files you're donating!

Maybe this would be a good storage solution: Gmail gives you 7 gigs of space, give or take (I now have over 13000 group emails that I refuse to delete because they're more than likely full of svgs! yet Gmail says I'm only using 21% of my storage). But Yahoo's email is UNLIMITED. So why not email yourself the files you collect at one of those addresses? You can set up an account specifically to store files in...Yahoo does allow more than one email acct per person, and has more domains than just And with Gmail's filters and search tools, you can even sort them into categories, kind of...or find the file you're looking for. And if you fill up the Gmail account, why couldn't you just start an additional one???

Additionally, if you email them to yourself, you can make notes about the designer's name, the blog address and anything else you might want to remember about the file...

Just another one of my crazy ideas! :) Now, go cut something!