Monday, February 22, 2010

Big Lots Update

I've been so busy lately that I haven't even thought of updating my blog - so sorry! But I have been doing one of my favorite pastimes in the meantime, namely looking for craft items in unusual one of my favorite places for this, Big Lots.

They've gotten a couple of new items in stock that I feel will work nicely with the Cricut. One is a textured faux cork material that comes on a roll, like wallpaper. It's a little thicker than vinyl or contact paper, but I think it will cut wonderfully on the Cricut. I just haven't had a chance to pull out the Cricut and try it! It says its self adhesive and repositionable, not to mention water-resistant!

The other item I found is sold as shelf liner, but is a beautiful, rich furry self-adhesive brown faux suede! I love it and I'm positive it will cut nicely...and having adhesive backing built in is a huge plus! It also says its water-resistant, and since its original purpose is shelf liner, I'm sure it is....but it IS a fabric.

You can see the pictures of both rolls below, complete with the Big Lot price tags. The textured cork roll is 18" x four FEET. The suede look-alike is 12" by 5 feet....quite a bargain for each, in my opinion! The picture is a little light - they are both a lot darker in person.

Other than that, I've been trying to get my organization going but I've been working so hard that I haven't had a chance to do much. But when I do, I'll post it here! Thanks for reading and for checking back! I'm not going to say anything yet, but I'll have some new info VERY soon!


Patsy said...

There is a BigLots just down the street from me, I think I will go shopping. Always wanted to cut cork but thought it was way to expensive. Thanks, Karma!

Jun Bug House said...

Thanks for checking things out for us.
Let us know what you find out about the cutting of them.